Travel Assistance Coverage

Whether you have to refill a prescription or get medical assistance while traveling, get the expert help you want at any time, from anywhere.

From meeting life-long friends to discovering local hidden gems, you never know what surprises will come your way when you’re traveling. However, the unpredictability of traveling can also come with its challenges. If you get sick, lose your prescription, or need medical assistance, it's much more difficult to deal with these things when traveling than if you were at home.

This is where the travel assistance benefit comes into play. The travel assistance benefit is included with each travel insurance plan and will act as your travel hotline while you're on the road.

What does travel assistance provide?

The travel assistance benefit can provide help in a number of different situations. This benefit is also available 24/7, so you can always call the travel assistance team at any time of day or night.

Travel assistance can help you get the care you need - such as prescription assistance and medical evaluations - if you encounter any medical challenges while on the road. Travel assistance can also help you find the nearest medical provider, fulfill emergency medical payments, and more.

Global contacts

U.S./Canada (toll-free): 1-844-799-0331

Outside U.S./Canada (collect): 1-416-945-9802

Email: [email protected]