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Travel Advice & Events

We post relevant travel insurance advisory information on events that affect new policies or our policyholders who are traveling. If you’re planning to travel to a region mentioned in our claims-advice section – or if you’re already there – read and see how this could influence your travel plans and your travel-insurance policy.

Current - 2016

Travel Alerts





Blocked Providers

Foreseen Events 

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection and Cover-More will no longer offer coverage for these foreseen events.

Events Effective Date Termination Date
Terrorist Incident - Paris 11.13.2015 11/14/2015  



Trip cancellation/interruption offers coverage if a trip is delayed, cancelled or interrupted due to a sanctioned union labor strike for an airline or other travel supplier, as long as the coverage effective date is prior to when the strike is the earliest date that the strike becomes foreseeable. We consider a strike foreseeable on the date the labor union members vote to approve a strike.

Company (Carrier) Effective Date Termination Date
None at this time    


Financial Default

We no longer provide trip cancellation/interruption coverage for the companies listed below. When the insurance policy is purchased within 15 days of the initial trip payment, financial default becomes an additional event under trip cancellation/interruption coverage.

Company (Carrier) Effective Date Termination Date
Haimark Cruisline 04/29/2016  
Senegal Airlines 05/03/2016  
Travcoa 01/02/2003  
Independent Air, Inc. 11/07/2005  
Regal Cruises 04/28/2003  
Fantasy Holidays 11/01/2005  
Olympic World Cruises (Olympic Voyager) 12/17/2003  

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