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If you have a serious sweet tooth, like the majority of us, then we bet you want to know where to find the best bakeries. We’ve put together a list of top bakeries from across the world, so next time you head overseas, you can stop by for a sneaky afternoon treat. But if you’re calorie-countin’, then you’ll need to take off your FitBit because these goods are bound to make your pants a little tighter.



Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki is a must if you’re travelling to Japan. Located in Tokyo, the master behind the boutique bakery ‘Aoki’ has combined traditional Japanese flavours with the art of French pastry-making to create out-of-this world baked goods. Unique items on the menu include green matcha croissants and black sesame éclairs.  Order the degustation if you’re having trouble deciding – it’s the best option because you’ll get an assortment of pastries and macaroons to try.


Du Pain et Des Idées is a tiny bread bakery in Paris that serves up some of the best croissants in the world. Not only do they specialize in croissants, but they also have other pastry treats including escargots, pralines and apple turnovers.  All along the French had us thinking that snails were only used in savory dishes? Well think again, because this bakery has a wide variety of sweet escargots in lemon and nougat, chocolate pistachio and rum n’ raisin. You can’t leave without trying mini-paves (small pieces of bread stuffed with spinach or tomato).



The best Turkish delight and baklava you could ever imagine. Check out Hafiz Mustafa in Istanbul and leave with a serious sugar coma. Best known for their delicious sweet treats and traditional Turkish coffee, other popular menu items include cakes, pudding and ice cream. And if you think there’s only one type of Turkish delight to choose from, then think again, because the menu has every flavour you could possibly imagine like rose, cinnamon, mint, and apple – just to name a few. Hafiz Mustafa is the perfect pit stop for an afternoon treat while you’re out’n about exploring Istanbul.


Laboratorio Pasticceria Roberto in Sicily is the best place for cannoli. Made from long tubular shaped crust, filled with ricotta cream and sweetened with sugar, these sweet treats are unique to Sicily having originated in Palermo.  The cannoli is made right in front of you with just the right amount of crispness.  Other menu items include macaroons, panettone and croissants. And who knows you might even meet Roberto himself, who will be more than happy to put aside some cannoli for you as they often sell out fast!


Hong Kong

Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong is known for their legendary egg tarts. An old school bakery popular amongst locals and tourists are famous for their warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven egg tarts. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t like egg, because their rich and yellow custardy goodness almost taste like crème brulee. The egg tarts are smooth and creamy in texture with a crumbly buttery crust, similar to a freshly baked shortbread.  They also have a range of other traditional Chinese pastries including cakes, buns and cookies.

Mouth watering already? Yep, thought so. These treats are worth every calorie and you’ll be doing enough exercise on your trip to work it off.  The feeling of walking into a patisserie with the aroma of freshly baked goods is just priceless. 


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