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Jen Morilla

India, a country with so much to see! I’d have to say that the transportation throughout the country isn’t the finest, but if you’re on a tour then you’re probably coaching from city to city. Trains in India aren’t the safest and renting a car without GPS- bad idea. With that said I joined a tour and travelled throughout  ‘The Golden Triangle’, known as the Northern part of India: New Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra.

I spent 14 days traveling India, throughout the Golden Triangle in January with Hands On Journeys.The weather was a little cold, but not too cold. I visited the cities of New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. I got to see all the amazing beauty, history, and culture India truly has to offer.

Whether you’re traveling to India for business or pleasure you should check out at least one of the three places I’ve mentioned below if not all. My ultimate suggestion is pack your best camera and sweater and start snapping. These pictures do no justification to how stunning and historically beautiful these places are.

First Stop: Jaipur "The Pink City" 

india amberfort

Amber Fort Palace. A palace built in the 16th century in Rajasthan State, India. It was built on the very top of the hill; known for it is beautiful artistic style of Hindu and Rajput, and cobbled stone paths and giant gates. Touring took Amber fort took about 2-3 hours depending on the tour guide. You should definitely wander within the buildings to get great pictures. Take your time here. There is so much to see and lots to learn. You could get a tour guide inside the Palace that works for a touring company or you can find one outside before you walk into the palace and negotiate a cheaper price.  

india amberfort

Second Stop: Agra

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal. The monumental and breath-taking Taj Mahal. As you walk into the gates of you will never forget how amazingly beautiful it looked from a distant. I remember reading about it and look at pictures in texts books. I never imagined what it would actually look like. Just stunning. You could easily spend a few (3-4) hours here. Especially with all the crowds. Within the Taj Mahal there are two buildings to see the Taj Mahal and the Mosque. The Mosque is right next to the Taj Mahal, it is smaller, but still beautiful.

Travel Tip: Not a lot of people are usually by this side, so catching a good selfie with the Taj Mahal from the Mosque is always a great idea!

Taj Mahal

Third Stop: New Delhi 

Qutub MInar - Is 240-foot high, it’s a red sandstone tower. It was built in 1193 in the 13th Century, by Delhi’s last Hindu Kingdom. It’s only a few miles south of Delhi. You should possibly spend about 2 hours here, all depends how much you really care to see. 


If you’ve found the time to see any of these three places you’ve fallen in love with the beauty, culture and history of India. There is so much to see and too much to take in. My biggest recommendation for traveling through India is come with an open mind and heart. It is a very different country to travel. I don’t think people travel the Golden Triangle for leisure. It would be more about learning something new about a culture or just experiencing something different. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful country to see and if you can pop into one of these three amazing places, do it!  

Jen Morilla

Jen Morilla is a Cuban-American currently based in Sydney, Australia when she isn’t travelling. A self-confessed travel junkie, pizza loving, whiskey drinker, adventure freak who quit her New York City corporate life and salary for a budget and a backpack. You can follow her adventures at The Social Girl Traveler on Instagram or Facebook

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