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Domestic Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is just as important when you’re traveling within the United States as when you travel internationally. Whether you’re heading to the Hawaiian beaches, the Grand Canyon, or the city that never sleeps, travel insurance helps you prepare for the unexpected.

Why buy domestic travel insurance?

Travel involves risks, whether you're traveling internationally or domestically. Your luggage can be lost or delayed as easily in Los Angeles as it can in London. If your child falls ill and you have to cancel your trip, your destination doesn't matter.

Cover-More’s ExactCare® ValueTM travel insurance offers a comprehensive and affordable option ideally suited to travel within the USA, and provides you with peace of mind, even if you’re just visiting another city.

Consider taking out AirCare®

As the name suggests, AirCare covers you for a whole range of mishaps and incidents relating to domestic flights within the USA. Starting at very affordable prices, AirCare insurance can pay you fast* when your flight is delayed or you are stuck on the tarmac, and can take the sting out of lost luggage. AirCare can complement any of our ExactCare plans, or stand on its own.

AirCare coverages include

  • Flight Departure Delay – when flight is delayed for two or more consecutive hours.
  • Missed Connection – when an event causes you to miss your scheduled connection. (Connection times must be greater than 51 minutes.)
  • Flight Cancellation – when an insured’s flight is cancelled.
  • Tarmac Delay – when the insured’s plane has pushed away from the gate and has been sitting on the tarmac for more than 2 consecutive hours.
  • Baggage Delay – when the insured’s baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours due to delay or misdirection by the common carrier.
  • Lost Baggage – when baggage is lost by an airline during a covered flight.

For your next domestic trip, choose one of the comprehensive and customizable insurance options from Cover-More. Get a free quote today.

*Limits, exclusions and conditions may apply. Please refer to the Description of Coverage for full details.

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