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Proposing overseas can make for a romantic and unforgettable experience. To ensure everything goes to plan it is important to take precautions to get the ring safely through airport security and still obtain the element of surprise. 


Before the holiday

Don’t forget to insure the ring before you leave. Selecting a policy that covers incidents like theft, loss and accidental damage is a must.


Packing the ring in your carry-on luggage is the best way to ensure it avoids getting lost or being found by your loved one. Make sure to keep the ring in the box it came in and avoid wrapping as this will prevent security from seeing what’s inside. Attaching a note that says “engagement ring – please be discreet” is a good way to avoid attention. Bringing the purchase paperwork is also a good idea when going through customs if security happens to question who purchased the ring.

Engagement Ring

At the airport

To avoid suspicion from your loved one, have them go through security first. That way, if your bag gets searched, they will be preoccupied and won’t notice a thing!

On the holiday

If the ring doesn’t fit correctly after you propose, store it in the hotel safe. This will ensure it is not misplaced or lost on the reminder of your trip. Alternatively, even if the ring is a perfect fit, make sure to keep it in the hotel safe if undertaking any water bound activities to avoid a lost ring in the depths of the ocean.

By taking these precautions before popping the question you will be hearing “I do” in no time.

Happy proposing!

Happy couple

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