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Nikolina Koevska

I don’t care if Blake Lively was your best friend, you would eventually start to hate her if you went traveling together. Okay maybe hate is too harsh of a word, but something about her perfect existence would start to eat at you (if it hasn’t already). We’re always told ‘traveling can make or break a relationship'. This doesn’t just go for a romantic one. It also counts for a friendship or even worse friendships (emphasis on the plural!). So before you go, have a read of these points so you can be ready for traveling with a group.

Deciding what to do and where to eat

You know when you go out with your friends to a bar or club and you all go to the bathroom together because you never leave a soldier behind? This does not apply when traveling. Understand that you all have difference preferences on where you want to go, what you want to see and also completely different taste buds. So when it comes to making decisions on activities and meals, don’t be afraid to split up and do what you want to do. Mary Kate wouldn’t die if Ashley spent the day on the piazza rather than ride on the canal in Venice. If biological twins can do it, then you guys can too!


The nightmare of getting ready and leaving

We’re all a bloody mess in the morning. You have the late sleepers and the early risers. The ones that lie in bed and scroll through their social media for an hour or the ones that just got back from a run. Time is scarce when you travel so make sure you agree on a kick off time for the following day. That way everyone is on the same page about what time you’re set to leave and if someone is still late, you can make them feel bad for making everyone else wait.


There’s always a Michelle

Like Michelle milked all she could from Beyoncé and what was the amazing Destiny's Child, there is always one person in the group who is pretty much useless. Doesn’t bring a lot to the table, yet enjoys the whole adventure. That’s okay. There are always going to be doers – book flights, accommodation, suggest you all top up on cash. Doers, don’t get frustrated at the non-doers - the people who never help to plan or never have any suggestions. It isn’t their strong suit and, to be honest, the less people involved in travel decisions the better.

friends travelling

Now that you now what to expect when traveling in a group, here are my top three destinations for group travel:


From lying on the beach till the sun goes down and the bar opens to riding bicycles around Hoi An, this buzzing country is too good not to share with a bestie. Plus, with so many amazing places to visit, you need a trusted friend taking the perfect Insta shot at every destination!


New Zealand

This country is all about group activities so how could you go solo? Skiing down the slopes of Queenstown, tandem bungee jumping and local pub-crawls – make sure you pick a friend who doesn’t mind a late night out followed by an early start!

new zealand


I traveled to Samoa with my high school besties and it was such an incredible trip. Samoa is so untouched and everything is so conveniently close. This gives you the perfect opportunity to spend hours on end laying on the beach or swimming in a cave pool together talking, reminiscing and making new memories without any hagglers or buses full of tourists around.  


I’ve never really been interested in traveling alone, even though I know people who do it have an amazing time as well. I actually think it’s super brave and I commend anyone who does it! But for me, traveling is all about sharing memories. Building stories that you’ll be able to retell to friends and family by bouncing off each other and laughing so hard that no one can actually understand the story except for you guys. So while there are a few things you have to come to terms with about traveling in a group, it will be the best experience of your life! If you all agree to be mindful, considerate and a tad selfless, then trust me, not much can go wrong. So go ahead, start a group chat and get planning! 


Nikolina Koevska is a Radio/TV Personality. She's not only hosted a number of radio shows including the iHeartRadio Countdown and Get Fresh with Niki and Jules but she also slipped into the TV world as a Weather Presenter for Sky news. These days she finds herself walking the halls of Nova 96.9FM in Sydney, Producing Fitzy and Wippa while freelance writing. In the small amount of spare time she has she loves nothing more than devouring a good cheese board, having a few cranberry vodkas with friends and binge watching Jane the Virgin. Follow her adventures on Instagram @nikolinak or via her website.

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