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You’ve seen the movies, heard the stories from your older siblings, and now it’s your turn - Spring Break! Whether you’re spending the break with a good book at the beach or at a week-long party in Cancun, it’s important to keep the experience safe and happy. Here are our tips to having a week that is memorable for all the right reasons.


You can have so much fun when you’re not drinking

Big crowds, inexperienced drinkers and alcohol are not a good mix. While some people get around the US legal drinking age of 21 by going to Mexico, it’s not a smart decision. Drinking heavily in a foreign country is never a good idea and when you throw in a big crowd and an unfamiliar setting, things can turn nasty quickly.

You and your friends can have so much fun without drinking. Dance all night long, whip up some delicious mocktails and revel in the fact that you’re going to wake up hangover-free the next day. Those prized sun-loungers right by the pool? They’re yours because you woke up two hours before everyone else!

relaxing on beach

Don’t feel like you need to party every night. Give your body a break. There is no shame in having a night, or two, off from partying. Why not have a movie night at your accommodation or dress up for a fancy dinner? 

If you are of legal age

If you’re the legal age, know your limit and stop drinking way before you reach it. This could be one drink every two hours or one drink for the whole night - only you know when you should stop.

  • Keep drinking water throughout the evening. It’s a good idea to match one drink with one glass of water.
  • Keep an eye on your drink at all times. Don’t accept drinks from strangers and watch the bar tender who is making it. If you think you, or your friend, has been spiked, then seek medical help.
  • Always stay with your group of friends. Never go off on your own.
  • Drinking and driving is never okay. Before you leave for your party or event, organize a way to come home. If you need to take a car, designate someone to stay completely sober. The sad reality is that every year Spring Breakers get hurt, or die, in alcohol-related incidences such as car crashes. 

beach bonfire

Look after your precious belongings  

Don’t let someone take off with the Go Pro you spent all summer saving for, or your camera full of precious photos of your trip. It’s never a good idea to leave your valuables unattended but during Spring Break petty theft and bag-snatching are unfortunately common. If you’re heading to the beach, leave your valuables in a locked room and in a safe if you have one. If you must take your phone or wallet with you, why not invest in a waterproof case or dry bag? That way you can take your belongings with you and keep them dry and sand free. 

Top tip: Keep your receipts! If you’re buying some camera gear or tech (portable speakers - woohoo!) for your Spring Break, keep the receipts at home. If something does get stolen, making your claim will be easier when you have your proof of purchase handy.

And a word on reasonable care

Make sure you have travel insurance but know it won’t cover you if you fail to take reasonable care. This is called the reasonable care exclusion and is a standard exclusion in most travel insurance policies.

What does that mean?

It means if you decide to drink and then crash your car, you won’t be covered. Same goes if you decide to go for a late night alcohol-fueled swim and end up in hospital. Travel insurance companies rely on people to show common sense.

Spring Break is a great time to let your hair down and have the time of your life. Get ready to dance until your feet hurt, laugh with your friends and have some well-deserved relaxation time. Whether you’re heading to Cancun or Florida or even overseas, remember to take precautions, remain vigilant, get appropriate insurance and look after each other.

Spring Break, here we come!


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