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Something is making a comeback, and no it’s not the Backstreet Boys. Cruising has been revamped and is here to stay. We get it, cruises have become known as the holiday of choice for elderly travellers everywhere. Hear the word ‘cruise’ mentioned and you might even get visions of bad 70’s carpet, congealed buffets, and cringe-inducing ‘extravaganzas’.

Thankfully, cruises have stepped up their game and are becoming more popular amongst holidaymakers of all ages. Acting as cocoons from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, cruises are gaining a reputation as the perfect way to unplug from the internet and indulge in some uninterrupted rest. Packages and discounts offered by cruise lines and tour operators are also making cruises cheaper and more accessible. With most cruises being all-inclusive, you can leave your worries about money on shore. With your food, drinks and activities already paid for, all you have to do is enjoy. 

And that’s just one of the many reasons why you should go on a cruise. Here are four others:

cruise buffet and dining room

Image from Flicker user: Roger W 

Food, food, and did we mention, food?

Imagine a place where all your favourite cuisines are available to you, where you can get cake delivered to your bedroom at 1 am, and there are on-call bartenders available to whip up cocktails according to your every whim and desire. This place exists, and it’s called a cruise ship. Whatever you want, from fine dining to a juicy burger, you will find it on your boat. It’s not just the food on board that’s good; you will be able to taste the local cuisine at your cruising destinations too.

relaxing in the ocean

A real chance to relax

Going on holiday can be stressful. After all, you have to plan every detail yourself. If you’re the decision maker in your family, or if you’re in a job with a lot of tough decisions, it can be the best thing to take a break. When you’re on a cruise, you can choose to do as little or as much as you want. You could even decide to just stay in your room and eat room service all day! With everything planned, the food prepared and served, and the Wi-Fi firmly unplugged, you might find you’re living the decision-free holiday of your dreams.

cruise ship

Image from Flickr user: Kirby Teh 

Your kids will love it

Cruising for kids is like being at a theme park all day and then not having to go home at night. You will find most cruise boats have been built with families in mind. Your kids can choose whether they’re happiest in a kid’s club or hanging out by your side. Or maybe a bit of both. With cruise boats offering movie theatres, ice-skating rinks, teen dance parties, swimming pools, and surf simulators, you can bet even your most boredom-prone child isn’t going to be bored for a second.

on the cruise ship deck

Image from Flickr user: Samantha Beddoes

A romantic cruise, really?

Yes, Jack and Rose got separated when the Titanic went down but before that, they had a very romantic time - and we’re not just talking about that infamous car scene. Dinners, dances, and watching the sun go down over the glittering ocean can be very romantic. Romance at sea isn’t just confined to the evening as there are always hours in the day to be lazily spent getting a couples massage, or turning wrinkly in the jacuzzi.

Cruises allow you to have a memorable holiday without all the stress and hard work. Whether you’re looking to be whisked away from technology and stress, or need a floating entertainment unit for your kids, cruising offers a little something for everyone.


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