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While some travel to relax with a cocktail in hand and a good book, others seek to give themselves a heart-pumping thrill. If you are the latter, embrace the knocking knees and sweaty palms with these once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline experiences.

zip lining

Fly through the jungle in Honduras

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a bird - free to fly across the treetops and skim the rainforest canopy - then zip lining might be for you. Fast becoming a favorite activity for travelers who want a different perspective, zip lining involves getting harnessed up and attached to a cable while gravity does the rest of the work in propelling you along.

The Honduran rainforest provides the perfect backdrop for zip lining. Tall trees rise from a sea of leafy green, hard to spot iguanas tuck themselves lazily into branches, and colorful birds fly alongside you. At first, it might take a little bravery to step off the platform and out into the air, but by the end of your tour you will be a pro. If you are lucky - and a little crazy - you might even be allowed to take a turn upside down. There are a number of reputable operators in Honduras; it is merely a matter of choosing the one that takes your fancy.

hot air balloons turkey

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey 

Just a quick 1hr 30 min flight from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul’s streets is Cappadocia, an otherworldly place that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. While the initial attraction was Cappadocia’s maze of underground cities and unique rock formations (created by ancient volcanoes), now the main reason for a trip is to go hot air ballooning.

With hundreds of people taking flight in the early hours of the morning, the sheer number of colorful balloons is a spectacle in itself, never mind the stunning terrain below. Alien-like minarets pop out from the ground, and the orange of the morning sun paints the earthy tones of the earth perfectly. There is a reason why Cappadocia is so popular amongst photographers; it is hard to get a bad photo of the place. Goreme is the main location for ballooning, but other areas in Cappadocia are worth a visit too. In particular,  Ürgüp and the Ihlara Valley, the latter of which is excellent for hiking.


Skydiving in the Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps tucked south of Luzern and Bern, is widely considered one of the most beautiful places on earth, and a dream holiday destination for many. Snow-capped peaks and plenty of ski fields have always been a major incentive for a visit, but recently Switzerland has begun to make a name for itself in the extreme sporting world too. Pull up a base-jumping video on YouTube, and you will probably find it was shot in the Swiss Alps. 

If jumping off a cliff with just a winged suit isn’t your cup of tea - it is most definitely not for everyone - skydiving has also become a favorite way to get a real bird's-eye view of the mountains. After all, if you’re going to freefall thousands of feet towards the earth, it may as well be somewhere beautiful.

As skydiving is so prevalent in Switzerland, there are a handful of places to choose from, but most people tend to do their dive from Interlaken.

white water rafting

Whitewater rafting in New Zealand

Whitewater rafting isn’t New Zealand’s most terrifying activity, this is the country with the world’s highest bungee, but plunging into the frothy cold water of a glacier-fed river might be the kick you’re looking for. Ranging from gentle rapids to the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall (it’s a 7-meter drop), you can really choose your own adventure. Both the North and South Island have river rafting opportunities. The Tongariro river in the North is a popular choice that takes you through stunning gorges and wild landscape. The Shotover River, once famous for its gold-mining operation, is a favorite down South; You’ll find yourself sharing at least a section of the winding river with the famous Shotover Jet boat.

For those looking for a true adventure, most operators offer multi-day trips to really immerse yourself in the rugged wilderness of New Zealand. For Lord of the Rings fans, trips leaving from Queenstown will head through shoot locations like the ominous Isengard.

Whether swinging with iguanas in Honduras or plunging down a wild rapid takes your fancy, there is a world out there full of experiences that will knock your socks off. Before you go, make sure you check with your insurance provider if your activity of choice is covered by your plan. That way, you will have the peace of mind that you’re covered - whatever white-knuckle activity you choose to do. Get a quote for travel insurance today!


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