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There are always a number of challenges you face when you choose to travel overseas and one of those is the language barriers. Luckily, if you are planning a vacation to the Land Down Under, Australia is an English speaking country. But while English is its main language, you may be confused with the local Aussie slang. Here is a list of 10 phrases every American should know before traveling to Australia.

australian beach

“How ya going?”

This phrase is commonly used in Australia. Most Americans will be confused and think ‘I’m not going anywhere…’ but they are asking ‘How are you?’

“Have a nice arvo”

What is an ar-vo? It is a shortened way of saying afternoon. So when Australians say this to you they mean ‘Have a nice afternoon’.

“I’m easy”

This phrase in Australia definitely does not mean the same thing as it does in America. If you hear an Aussie say this, they simply mean that they are happy to go along with the flow and aren’t fazed by whatever decision is made. This would be used if someone asks you where you would like to go to lunch, you can reply with “I’m easy,” meaning you don’t mind where you go to eat.

“Anyone want a bevvy?”

This is one where Australians rarely answer no to. A bevvy means beverage and is usually referring to an alcoholic drink. So when Australians ask this, they are asking if you’d like a drink.

beers with friends

“I reckon”

Use this phrase when you want to say ‘I think’ or ‘I believe’ and you’ll fit right in!

“No dramas/no worries”

This phrase is very commonly used in Australia and is a more casual way of saying ‘You’re welcome’.

“The dunny is over there”

You may only hear this one when you go to rural parts of Australia but a dunny is the toilet or bathroom.

“We had a ripper day”

Ripper can be translated to mean something good or exciting. So when Australians use this phrase, they would be happy or excited.

“I love her togs”  

You will hear this one if you travel to the beach. Togs are slang for swimsuits.

bondi beach

“I lost my favorite pair of thongs”

When Australians refer to thongs, they are not usually referring to women’s underwear. Thongs are a form of footwear and are known in the US as flip flops. 

Now that you are up to date with Aussie slang, you are ready to take on the Land Down Under. While swimming at Bondi Beach, you won’t look too shocked when someone compliments your swimmers or won’t be confused when a kind stranger wishes you a good arvo.


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