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Phoebe Greenacre

Over the past two years I've been on four sailing holidays including trips to Croatia, Turkey and Greece. So I'm getting pretty good when it comes to knowing how to prepare, pack and maximize fun on a sailing adventure.

Sailing boat

This didn’t come easy. Trust me, the first sailing holiday wasn’t so hassle free! There is a surprising amount of preparation that goes into organizing a successful sailing trip, so learn from my mistakes with this list of in order you don’t forget something critical, here is my list of what to do and what to avoid.

  • Do check if you need a visa to get into the country. I visited Turkey last year and lucky I checked the night before I needed a visa to get into the country. Phew! Australians don’t need visas for most European countries, but if you are planning a multi country trip, make sure you get all your visas sorted well in advance.

Turkey sailing

  • Do pick easy-going travel buddies. The boats and cabins can be relatively small compared to a normal hotel room. Let’s face it, they are tiny. Make sure you really like the person you are sharing with and don’t mind getting up close and personal. You will end up changing in front of them, getting all your stuff mixed up and sleeping face to face. No princesses allowed.


  • Do bring a duffel or soft carry case compared to hard-case suitcases. There is no room for these in your cabins. You will have to end up leaving in the general living area if you do bring one.
  • Do buy travel insurance. You won’t believe how many accidents can happen while on board or on the islands.
  • Do pack the essentials - sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, bikinis or board shorts, beach towel etc. You will live in your swimwear day in and day out.

Inflatable flamingo

  • Do invest in a waterproof camera. Digital or disposable, you will want to capture all those fun moments on and off the boat.
  • Don’t pack heels! Pretty much you will be barefoot all day long on the boat. The only shoes you require would be flip flops or walking shoes for when you go exploring the islands.

Parked sailing boats

  • Don’t go swimming with your phone! It sounds straight forward, but you wouldn't believe how many people I have seen jump into the water with their phones. Doh!


  • Early each morning, the boat will usually leave the dock before anyone is up. Don’t forget to attach any drying swimwear, beach towels or washing to the boat before you go to sleep. Or you can say goodbye to your $200 bikini.


  • Don’t do global roaming on your phone. It will cost you a fortune! There is wifi at most restaurants and cafes once you dock at each island. If you can’t wait until each stop, buy a local sim card with a good data bundle on it. It will save you loads!
  • Don’t forget to bring things to do. There is a lot of downtime sailing to and from each island. Stock up on magazines, books, playlists or even a deck of cards.


  • Don’t worry if you can’t sail! All of the skippered tours come with your very own sailor. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday. My favourite company are Med Sailors. They sail to Croatia, Turkey and Greece.

Girl on land looking out to see

Phoebe Greenacre is an Australian travel blogger who is based in London. She has visited 40 countries and loves to share her travel stories on her blog Wood and Luxe

Instagram: @woodandluxe and Twitter @woodandluxe

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