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Planning a holiday in Europe and wondering what to eat? We’ve put together a list of top foodie places that’ll leave your mouth watering and your stomach grumbling. Not to mention, you’ll get to hang with the locals, embrace the culture and get a real sense for what each city is about. And it’s true what they say, there is no better way to experience a country than through its food.


Make sure you take in all Greece has to offer when it comes to food. Greeks are masters of char-grilled meat and spit-roasted meats. Souvlaki is a popular fast-food option with meat, tomato, onion and tzatziki dip all wrapped in warm pita bread. If you love your sweets, you can’t go wrong with baklava, honey puffs or galaktoboureko (a rich custard filled pastry) – which may leave you in a serious sugar coma.



Pasta, pizza, tiramisu, coffee, gelato – Italy is an eating extravaganza with plenty of foods to enjoy. Try the antipasti before your main meal which includes a wonderful assortment of olives, grilled vegetables, prosciutto, salami, cheese and bread. When it comes to pasta, there are so many options, but we recommend Italy’s famous spaghetti carbonara made from egg, cheese, bacon and black pepper. Last but not least, the world-famous gelato.  Foodie tip: for the real deal, make sure you look for gelato that won’t stand up in tall towers and opt for simple, traditional flavors, rather than bright colors.



There’s lots of meat, cheese and potato, so I think I’ve sold you already. Polish dumplings, also known as pierogi, is a must-try. The dumplings are filled with meat, sauerkraut or potatoes and a popular menu item in most restaurants. Another favorite are cabbage rolls, made from minced pork with rice, onion and mushrooms wrapped in cabbage leaves.  And did I mention the potato pancakes that are going to rock your world? They speak for themselves really, and are best served with sugar or a dollop of sour cream.  Don’t forget to try their famous tiny doughnuts filled with vanilla custard, also known as paczki. This sweet treat will have you wanting more.



Think hearty meals like soups and stews and pastry-rich desserts. Langos is by far our favorite dish with its fried dough smothered in sour cream and cheese. Did I mention it is fried dough?! Hungary is known for its traditional goulash – a popular soup made from chunks of beef, potatoes and vegetables. It’s the perfect meal on a cold winter’s night because it’s hearty, homey and hot. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with Hungarian strudel also known as retes. It’s a strudel-like log of pastry filled with apple, cherry or poppy seed sprinkled with powdered sugar. And why is it so good? Accompanied with a Hungarian coffee, it’s the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.



The perfect foodie favorite. The most traditional and appetizing of all are escargots, also known as snails, that are cooked in tasty garlic butter and parsley, wine sauce and chicken stock. Sounds gross right? Give it a try because it’s surprisingly tasty and goes down a treat with a glass of white wine. Meanwhile, the cheese soufflé is an absolute must, with its perfect combination of three cheeses including cheddar, gruyère and parmesan. And don’t leave Paris without trying a croissant and a macaron. You can walk into any bakery and find these wonderful delights made fresh and ready for consumption. Foodie tip: few pastry shops make these from scratch so be sure to find one that make their own so it’s worth your time.


Be sure to pack some extra baggy pants as these wonderful treats may end up going straight to your thighs. Not to worry though, eating the local cuisine is all part of the experience and an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone. When you return, you’ll be back to your normal routine in no time. You only live once so pig-out on all the delicious food the country has to offer.


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