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Traveling solo in Europe? Navigating alone really isn’t that bad – the flights aren’t too long, there’s great tourist infrastructure especially when it comes to public transport, and the people are friendly. We’ve put together a list of 10 cities that are most welcoming for solo travelers and can be easily navigated alone. Best of all, you can do it at your own pace.

1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen has an excellent metro system when it comes to getting around. They’re also known as the best bike city in the world – so why not hire a bike with an in-built GPS. Most of Copenhagen’s hot spots are all in walking distance too. Be sure to check out the Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens, the statue of the Little Mermaid and freetown Christiana to take in all this beautiful city has to offer.

2. Paris

There’s so much to see and do in Paris, so we’ve narrowed it down to the essentials aka the crème de la crème of the city. Cathedral Notre-Dame is a must with its strong architectural details like stoned gargoyles. And we must not forget the Eiffel Tower – equivalent to our Statue of Liberty in New York. It’s the most famous structure in Paris that offers the most stunning views by day and night.


3. Edinburgh

A bustlin’ and vibrant city, there is no shortage of things to do in Edinburgh.  Take a walk down Royal Mile and you’ll find yourself up close and personal with Edinburgh Castle. If you explore the nearby seaside, you’ll be likely to encounter Royal Yacht Britannia. Standing 800 feet above sea level, Arthur’s Seat is a must-do with panoramic views of the entire city.

4. Vienna

Famous for its stunning modern architecture, coffee houses and cosy wine taverns, this city is like no other with its special Viennese charm.  Start your morning off at one of Vienna’s coffee houses to experience a typical Viennese breakfast. Get on the Vienna Ring Tram to experience some of the city’s best tourist destinations including the Opera House, Parliament Building, Imperial Palace and City Hall.


5. Helsinki

The capital city of Finland, Helsinki has a lot to offer when it comes to history, culture and outdoor activities. If you’re a shop-a-holic, a visit to Aleksanterinkatu Street is a must with a variety of shopping outlets, cafes and restaurants. Ateneum Art Museum, another must-see destination, is famous for its Finnish art collection with more than 20,000 paintings, graphics, drawings and sculptures on display.

6. Berlin

It’s young, old, historic, and modern all at the same time. Experience it for yourself with lots of sites on offer like the Reichstag building. Head to Brandenburger Tor – one of Germany’s most iconic sites – a symbol of peace, war, victory and terror all over. Make sure you check out one of their 200 museums with the most important ones located in one hot spot known as ‘Museumsinsel’. You’ll be able to view the largest mounted dinosaur collection, ancient Babylon and the bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti.


7. London

It’s super easy to navigate around London. There are 270 stations at the London Underground where you’ll be able to get anywhere you like pretty quickly. London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are a few must-see attractions. Make sure you grab a pint and hang out with the locals at a pub. It’s the country’s drinking scene so finding your nearest pub won’t be difficult.


8. Prague

It’s a magical city just like what you’d see on a postcard. The best thing about Prague is that all the best hot spots are located in walking distance. Local tourist attractions include Saint Nicholas Church, Prague Castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral featuring unique, gothic-inspired architecture that dominates the skyline no matter where you are.

9. Dublin

Ireland’s capital city – it’s known for its nightlife and popular tourist destinations. The Guinness Brewery, Dublin Castle and Christchurch Cathedral are just a few local hotspots to visit.  But if you’re after a look into the darker side of Ireland’s history, then check out Kilmainham Goal – renowned for its brutal executions and hangings.

10. Stockholm

A cobble-stoned old city with pedestrian only roads and 57 bridges that stretch over 14 islands – Stockholm truly has it all. Be sure to visit Drottningholm Palace, the best preserved palace in Sweden that housed the royal family many years ago. You must check out the ABBA Museum, an interactive exhibition featuring memorabilia from the 70s pop group sensation. Waterloo – couldn’t escape if we wanted to!

The freedom to travel however you want and whenever you want is pretty incredible. Better yet, it’s completely up to you how long you spend in each city. You’re bound to meet some pretty interesting people along the way where you can share your handy tips, tricks and travel hacks.


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