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Casey Hawkins

No matter how much you've travelled, there will always be some unexpected hiccups. However, for Casey Hawkins, an innocent act of snorkelling turned into a near death experience. Check out her story. 

Jo Fraser

Perched like a little cap on top of mainland Africa, and only a tip-toe from the Spanish coastline, Morocco has been bewildering its visitors ever since it placed itself firmly on traveler’s maps.

Samuel Turner

The exotic rich smells of peppermint tea and incense flowing through the streets, the mesmerizing and tangling alleyways of the medinas and the organized chaos that is Moroccan markets and eateries overwhelmed my senses and expectations.

Lisa Owen

Aswan is Egypt’s southernmost city and has a prime position on the River Nile. While there’s not much to see in Aswan itself, it serves as a base to explore some of Egypt’s key sights.