Welcome, Farmers Insurance® customers

Effective December 11, 2022 the Cover-More plans previously made available through Kraft Lake Insurance Agency, Inc. are now available directly through Cover-More.

If you would like to buy a policy:

Call Cover-More Customer Care at 844.240.8419 for plan options.

If you have questions about an existing policy purchased 12/11/22 or before:

For questions regarding the Travel Protection Plan, please email Cover-More Customer Care at: [email protected] or by calling 844.240.8419. Refer to Plan code 512ZA-1121 (Comprehensive) or 512ZPD-1121 (Post-Departure). If you purchased the Cover-More Travel Protection on or before 12/11/2022, view/download the Policy for Comprehensive or Post-Departure.

This Travel Insurance product was offered and provided by Cover-More Inc. and made available through Kraft Lake Insurance Agency, Inc. Kraft Lake Insurance Agency is an insurance brokerage owned by the Farmers Exchanges and recommended by Farmers Group, Inc. Cover-More Inc. (CA Agency License #0N13321) is the travel insurance provider. The product is underwritten by Zurich American Insurance Company (NAIC # 16535) and claims are administered and paid by Zurich Travel Assist.